Sweet Potato Farming

Sweet potato farming for high-quality sweet potato production

Improve living conditions in developing countries can be achieved through farming exports to developed markets.

Sweet potato farming for export markets allows farmers to earn much higher incomes than they can obtain via sales in local market/

sweet potato farming

Sweet Potato Farming for local market

In many poor and developing countries, a sweet potatoes farm produces varieties for local consumption or for local markets and are not suitable for export. Most of those varieties are white, with nutritional value considerably lower than the orange varieties. Local sweet potato farming is usually done by many small farmers on small plots of land.

sweet potato farming 2

A second grade product for domestic markets  

Sweet potato Farming Technology

Investing in advanced agricultural farming, agro mechanical equipment, and advanced agricultural knowledge are necessary to convert some of the local sweet potato farming to exporting..

Sweet Potato Farming production for export

In order to convert some of the local sweet potato production to export, it is necessary to invest in advanced agricultural training and agro mechanical equipment.

sweet potato farming 3

The first grade for export

The benefits of upgrading Sweet Potato Farming are many

  • Sales of sweet potatoes for export result in much higher income than sales in local markets.
  • Sweet potato farming creates jobs in rural areas where there is unemployment and a lack of livelihoods, particularly for women and unskilled workers.
  • Although wages in agriculture often are low, a steady income over several months can make a big difference in the standard of living for rural families.
  • Growing sweet potatoes is labor intensive, and in developing countries, wages for manual labor are often low; as a result, profitability of the produce can be high.
  • The introduction of foreign money may in the long run improve the quality of life of the whole region

Why sweet potatoes farming?

  • After the curing process sweet potatoes are able to be stored for months without much loss or damage.
  • Since sweet potatoes have a long shelf life, they can be shipped to far target markets.
  • Sweet potatoes are becoming increasingly popular on European markets and demand grows every year.
  • Sweet potatoes, and especially orange fleshed sweet potatoes, contain many important nutritional benefits. The products that cannot be exported can be sold on the domestic markets.
  • Due to the large financial investment required for equipment and the knowledge required for sweet potato farming, competition is more difficult.

Magnus consulting – Sweet potato farming is what we do

The knowledge and experience we possess covers all stages of sweet potato farming, including soil preparation, growth of virus-free sweet potato plants, planting commercial fields, irrigation and crop protection, and harvesting, curing, and storing. Nothing we know better than sweet potatoes farming – it is the focus of my professional life. I can share our knowledge with you and help you succeed with your sweet potatoes growing projects!