About Me

I have been growing sweet potatoes for most of my life. I was also an owner of a company in Israel that grew and marketed sweet potatoes and potatoes for local and export markets – for over 20 years.

We have unique knowledge and successful Experience in all the process stages, including: Land preparation, growing of virus-free sweet potato plants in nurseries, plant production, planting in commercial  fields, irrigation, fertilization and crop protection, Harvesting, Curing and storage, sorting and packing. 

There’s nothing I know better than sweet potatoes growing – it is the focus of my professional life, and I can share the knowledge with you and make your sweet potatoes growing projects a major success!

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Amnon Magnus
BA, Faculty of Agriculture, Agronomist, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
M.Sc, Medical Sciences, Tel Aviv University 

who we are

Sweet potato is the seventh most important crop in the world, and it has many important nutritional benefits.

We at Magnus Consulting believe in the potential of this crop to supply high-quality food and improve the nutrition and health of populations that suffer malnourishment and nutritional deficiencies, as well as to provide farmers with good livelihood and improved standard of living.

We at Magnus Consulting know that knowledge and experience acquired by many years of work in the field are the basis for success.

In order to grow and produce high quality sweet potatoes and to get high yields in developing countries, it is essential to use suitable varieties, propagation material that is free of viruses and pathogens, knowledge and technological means.

Magnus, being highly experienced growers, and experts in all stages of sweet potatoes production, have the ability and know-how to assist and lead companies and organizations along the way to agricultural achievements and improved professional and commercial results.